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Positive effects in society in countries that acknowledge the rights of the LGBT community.

It is often said that you can tell a lot about a society by looking at how it treats its minorities.
It is quite telling that in countries where the LGBT community has rights by law there generally is a high acceptance of any kind of difference in society. There is an understanding and an acceptance of people wanting to live their lives the way they chose to, without having to fear exclution or prejudice. Of course no society is perfect and even in the most accepting societies there will always be people who are against including minorities for various reasons, for example religious or cultural.

The benefit of the inclusive society is, that things are open for discussion and that there is freedom to speak up if someone feels violated on their Human Rights and that in this process, the person or persons doing so, have the legislation of the country to back them up.
The fact is, that people who grow up in a society that is inclusive, have greater success in managing through life in all various situations and the inclusive society itself benefits from the diversity.

LGBT rights

It is important to keep the discussion open about LGBT rights as there will allways be those who challenge them. Populistic parties and extreme religious groups are some of those who oppose the right for diversity and trying to convince people that these rights are wrong. The only way to fight this is by education and information from an early age to show that any kind of diversity is a benefit, not a threat. The counties with a legislation that gives rights to the LGBT, are front runners and examples for other countries to follow. A society where diversity is accepted is a society where people can feel safe and go on with their lives whatever nationality, skin colour or sexual orientation they may have , a society with much less conflict and a society with true freedom.

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If you are a member of the community or if you are seeking information about the LGBT community, you can find articles and information here.

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Challenges faced by LGBT youth

Challenges faced by LGBT youth

Getting to know yourself can be hard for a young person and it can be particularly hard for a young person identifying themselves in the LGBT community. There are a number of stress factors that can affect the mental health. Family issues, where one or multiple...

When being gay makes you a criminal

When being gay makes you a criminal

In the western part of the world there has been a big change in the last decades in how the LGBT community is viewed according to the law. Today members of the LGBT community are not criminalized and they have the right to live together and in many countries even have...

LGBT and religion

LGBT and religion

LGBT and religion is interesting from the point of view that many seem to have to choose. Either you are LGBT or religious, which of course is not the fact. Being religous, or not, is a part of being human and has no connection with your gender identity or sexuality,...

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