Hampshire Pride – Scrapbook 2015



The First Ever Hampshire Pride!


Pride This Year!

We had a fantastic time at our first ever Hampshire Pride 2015, the event was full of love and joy.  The build up to the event was exciting for us.  We had no idea what was going to happen.  And to be fair the outside world did not know either.  Then Amy set up our Facebook page and told a few other universities what our plans were and we were well away.  We still think that Amy’s single act of organisation was the key that really launched us.  From there Hampshire Pride took on a life of it’s own.  It told us the direction and we followed.

We had a few guiding principles that helped keep us on track.  We wanted to create a warm welcoming space, a fire in the cold dark of winter.  It felt right to set it within LGBT history month. It was important that it be for the whole of Hampshire, all the residents regardless of sexual orientation, age, class or gender.  We were clear that we wanted this to be a ‘Pride without Logos’, that the collaboration be seamless between the contributing organisations, agencies and people.  But it would be unfair not to acknowledge that the major work was done by the student organisers  Amy, Karl and Harry.

Events like this cost money and we had none!  It was achieved due to the huge generosity of a lot of people and organisations including; our three venues who donated their space for free i.e.  The Student Union Vault, Winchester Discovery Centre and the Railway Inn.   Also the acts that performed for free in order of appearance;  The Southampton Gay Mens Chorus, Harold, Rose Drew, Bloke Zone, and Intravenus

It would be remiss of us not to thank the two main organisations that gave us the support, encouragement and resources that we needed to get started. Hampshire County Council and the University of Winchester.

Here’s to the future of Hampshire Pride!

Moira & Sarah

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