LGBT Film Night

Pride This Year!

The LGBT Film Night is being hosted in the Cinema Room at Hampshire Records Office, come and check out the art house atmosphere of this intimate film theatre.  After the film why not stick around for a drink and a chat about the film!

Dog Day Afternoon

Date:  26th February, 7.30dog day
Director Sidney Lumet, 1979, 125mins, C. 15.
Tickets:  £5 (£4 cons.,) on the night

Dog Day Afternoon is one of the great unrecognised films of LGBT cinema. Based on the true story of bank robber John Wojtowicz, this is chiefly remembered as a tension filled crime flick, but what has largely been forgotten is Wojtowicz’s motivation for the heist: he needed the money to pay for his lover’s sex change. A seldom better Al Pacino gives an exceptional performance as Wojtowicz, at a time when cultural stereotypes of effeminate or weak gay men were the norm. In turn, actor Chris Sarandon gives one of the earliest cinematic portrayals of a trans person, handling the role with conviction and sensitivity. This film deserves proper recognition as one which skillfully used the excitement of the gangster movie to bring LGBT issues to a commercial audience and we invite you to help us reclaim it!

Tickets are available on the night at £5 with concessions at £4. All profits will go to the charity Holding Hands For Equality.   If you would like to reserve your tickets you can  email to pre-book tickets

Venue:  Hampshire Records Office

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