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Pride This Year!

Welcome to the Hampshire Pride Website.  We hope you will find it to be simple to follow and effective in helping you find your way around the different aspects of Hampshire Pride.

Hampshire Pride is space for all of Hampshire to join together and celebrate the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and more community.  We welcome young and old, people who see themselves as part of the community and people who are proud of their friends and family.  It is also for any individual who wishes to celebrate the gifts of acceptance, love and joy that our society offers in this day and age.

An important part of the Hampshire Pride ethos is that we are a ‘Pride without Logos’.  Many people and organisations give a significant amount of time and resources to make this event possible.  By keeping the main sight ‘logo free’ we hope to affirm the contribution of the many.  That said…  We do wish to acknowledge the organisers who have carried the event and the sponsors who have supported us.  Therefore we have a page below that acknowledges both support and work contributions within the current year below.

Having said all of the above we feel that special thanks belong to Habibur Rahman and the Hampshire Chronicle for the excellent photos taken at our first ever Hampshire Pride in 2015.  Thank you for letting us use these on the website…

Our Mission & Values

Organisers and Advisors 2016

Partners and Supporters 2016

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