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Our few guiding principles are to create together;

  • a warm welcoming space for all the residents of Hampshire regardless of sexual orientation, age, class, religion or gender.
  • a fire in the cold dark of winter and set it within the context of LGBT history month.
  • ‘our’ Pride that the whole of Hampshire feels part of.
  • a ‘Pride without Logos’, by that we mean no sponsors taking over the brand and setting the tone.

Hampshire Pride is a collaboration between various organisations, agencies and people.  We are not able to pay for venues or artists so we rely on the good-will of all.  Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us in terms of giving time, space or talents.  We are not able to repay financially but you do have our deepest and most sincere appreciation for all that you give or have given.

 Special thanks has to go to Hampshire County Council and the University of Winchester.  Without this partnership we would not have got off the ground.

Here’s to the future of Hampshire Pride!


To view the scrapbooks please click on the links below:

Scrapbook 2015

Scrapbook 2016

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