2016-02-26-17-56-17Pride This Year!

Welcome to the awards

Hampshire Pride is delighted to introduce you to our first #PrideHantsWide Awards.

Why #PrideHantsWide?

Hampshire Pride celebrates it’s third year in 2017.  However because the main day takes place in Winchester it is sometimes called Winchester Pride.  But our Pride is for the whole of Hampshire.  Many of the towns and villages across the county are too small to host their own Pride gathering.  We want those LGBT+ people young and old to know that this is their Pride.  It is for them.

Our aim is to see a growing number of councils and organisations to join with us in raising the rainbow flag for one week in celebration of Diversity and in acceptance of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people young and old across our County.

Ninety second video

In order to be considered for an award all you have to do is produce a 90 second video which tells how your organisation or team celebrates LGBT+ people. These videos will form part of the Hampshire Pride Festival.  Creativity will be rewarded.

Your organisation or team must be located within Hampshire. That means that this is open to teams from Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

The award categories are

Business sector, Educational establishment, Public sector and Voluntary sector.  There will be a winner and a runner up award for each category.

The Award Ceremony

Winners will be announced on the main Pride day – 25th February 2017 at the University of Winchester as we assemble before going off on the Parade.

Teams can be any size or any age and you can submit as many videos you like for your organisation. However to give everyone a chance at winning, we will only present one award per organisation.

Animations and musicals are welcome. The competition will be fierce, the judges will be looking for the following:

  • creativity
  • humanity
  • authenticity       and of course
  • sass!

The panel of judges will reflect the different categories.

How to submit your 90 second video

All you have to do is email your video to pridehantswide@gmail.com.  You may find it easier to use a video transfer site like wetransfer

Prepare for 2018

This being our fist year we know that many of you will not have the footage you will need to enter.  So we are encouraging you to not waste this opportunity for you to demonstrate your organisation or team celebrates Pride!  Then make sure you post your video by the deadline for 2018…  The #PrideHantsWide Awards will be around for quite a while!

Pride 2017