Why #PrideHantsWide?

Hampshire Pride is for the whole of Hampshire.  At the moment, many of the towns and villages across the county are too small to host their own Pride gathering.  We want those LGBT+ people, young and old, to know that Hampshire Pride means them.  Can you imagine how important it will feel to young LGBT+ people to see their flag being flown in their town or village. For years LGBT+ people were told they should be ashamed of themselves.  This flag tells them they are accepted and loved.  Just for who they are!

Our aim is to see a growing number of councils and organisations to join with us in raising the rainbow flag for one week in celebration of Diversity and in acceptance of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people young and old across our County.

Here are the two very easy ways that you can join the party….


Flags across Hampshire

The Awards